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Kutenai Highbrow FlintKutenai Highbrow Flint

Black with 4 whites and blaze.
DOB March 28, 2015
Providence Flynn x Crossburn Lady Kate
Notified but will certify.
Started in harness.
Show Records
Flint will be shown in 2017 as well.
Price: $5500

Starcastle PrideStarcastle Pride

Black with 3 whites and blaze, 171/2 HH
DOB April 8, 2004: Starcastle Challenger X
Starcastle Marionette
Well broke – from farming to parades.
Proven Broodmare: Windcharger Pegasus 2015, Patriot 2014, PM Ross 2013, Phantom 2012.  Was checked in foal for 2016 but lost over the winter.
Show Records
Price: $5000 (in foal); $4000 (not in foal) 

Caerberllan DiamondCaerberllan Diamond

Black with 4 whites and wide blaze
17.1 HH
DOB May 14, 2001
Leverton Joseph X Caerberllan Diana
Proven broodmare:  Northeast Faye 2006, Tayson Contributor 2007, Tayson Select 2008, Tayson Ziva 2009, Tayson Samantha 2010, Tayson Lady 2011, Tayson Danny 2012, Tayson Lucky 2014, Windcharger Deuce 2017.
Price: $5000 (in foal); $4000 (not in foal)

Windcharger EclipseWindcharger Eclipse

Black with 4 whites and a star – 16.2 HH
DOB July 4, 2014
Gentle Giant Major X
Summer Rain & BK’s  Emily of the New Moon
Well started in harness.
Show Records
Price: $8000 (in foal); $7000 (not in foal)

Northeast IsadoraNortheast Isadora

Black (some roaning) 3 ½ whites and blaze, white tail - 18 HH
DOB July 3, 2014
Gladwin Courages Blackjack X
Sassy Supreme Daisey Marie
Well started in harness.
We are retaining a half sister in our breeding program.
Show Records
Price: $8000 (in foal); $7000 (not in foal)

Windcharger DivaWindcharger Diva

Black, 3 ½ whites, white on face – 17 HH
DOB March 25, 2013
Gentle Giant Major X Starcastle Delight
Well started in harness.
Diva is out of one of our best mares – we have two other Delight daughters that we have kept for replacements.  A difficult decision – we want to keep some diversity in our genetics for our breeding program.
Show Records
Price: $8500 (in foal); $7500 (not in foal)   

Windcharger DynamiteWindcharger Dynamite

Black with 4 whites and baldy face
DOB April 3, 2017
Providence Flynn X Windcharger Diva
Granddaughter to Starcastle Delight
Price: $4500

Windcharger AbsoluteWindcharger Absolute

Black with 2 whites, 2 blacks and blaze
DOB May 10, 2017
Providence Flynn X Northeast Anisette
Price: $4000                                  

Manor Mac TCHOICE:

Providence Flynn

DOB May 26, 2010
Red Brae Mascot X
Providence Lady Jasmine
Imported in 2010 – 17.1 HH
Offspring:  WC Captain 2013, WC Duke 2014, WC Primrose 2014, WC Chance 2014, WC Patriot 2014, WC Adelaide 2014, Kutenai highbrow Flint 2015, WC Cosmo 2015, WC Electra 2016, WC Delta 2017, WC Dynamite 2017, WC Absolute 2017, WC Deuce 2017
Show Records
Price: $30,000

Manor Mac T

Manor Mac T

DOB April 10, 2010
Moorefield Manor Mac X Murray Croft Tina
Imported in 2013 – 18 HH
Offspring:  Thorpe Hill Black Knight 2014, Thunder Cliff Mac T’s Raiden 2015, Trem J’s T Tyme 2015, WC Pegasus 2015, WC Destiny 2015, WC Zeus 2016, WC Epic 2017, WC Cherise 2017, WC Gypsy 2017
Show Records
Price: $30,000

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